Performance of the Biden administration much worse than anticipated, former President Donald Trump slams

Orlando: – Former President launched a Scathing attack ‘I was sure that the Biden administration would be pathetic. But no one had ever imagined that it would be so bad. In the last forty days, the Biden administration has proved that it is against employment, family, border, electricity, women and even science.’ While showering this vitriolic criticism, Trump announced that in 2024, he would defeat the Democrat party of Biden for the third time to become President of the United States once again. This exposes that Trump has still not withdrawn his claim that he had emerged victorious in the last presidential elections.   


A few days ago, an impeachment motion had been moved against Trump in the US Congress. Some members of Trump’s Republican party also had taken a stand against Trump. Still, the action could not succeed against Trump. This is the first instance of the impeachment of a former President. With this action, Trump’s opponents were trying to make sure that he could not run for President again. But the scheme failed and it has been revealed that Trump will be the Presidential candidate in the 2024 elections.  

Trump gave a 90-minute speech at the Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) organised by the Republican party in Orlando, in the US state of Florida. Trump launched a scathing attack on the Biden administration during the speech. Trump made biting criticism that the Biden administration has stepped back from ‘America First’ and within a month now, it is ‘America Last’. Saying ‘Our unity is better than the Democrat party’, Trump expressed confidence that the Republican party will regain control over the US congress. Trump also expressed confidence that a Republican President will be there in the White House after the 2024 elections.   

Meanwhile, Trump made severe criticism of the Big Tech companies targeting him. Trump appealed to initiate the action against these Big Tech companies, suppressing the promoters’ voices of traditional ideologies. Trump appealed that if the US administration is not going to do it, the states should do this. The Democrat party had pinned the blame of the Capitol Hill violence and riots on Trump. The reason given for the impeachment motion also was the same. But it is being revealed in the public opinion polls that although he lost the elections, he has still not lost his popularity. Moreover, the US citizens are expressing resentment on the Biden administration’s decisions, which can be beneficial to the Republican party in the future.   

Some observers have expressed the possibility of a divide in the country to intensify political differences. At the same time, analysts warn that the extreme leftist policies and extreme liberalism of the Biden administration could cost the United States dearly. But the picture is that the opponents of Trump are standing firm behind Biden. 

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