US-China conflict can be avoided: US Deputy Defence Secretary

Washington: Kathleen H Hicks, US Deputy Secretary of Defence, warned that the Chinese might in economic, military and technology sectors has increased tremendously. This could easily pose a challenge to the international systems and the US interests in them. Despite making all these claims, Hicks also claimed that the conflict between the United States and China is not unavoidable. These claims indicate the contrasting foreign policies of the Biden administration regarding China.


Senior Australian official, Pezzullo, had underlined the perceived Chinese threat, saying that war drums are audible. Pezzullo had said without mincing words that Australia would have to enter a war against China. China is tremendously strengthening its military might. At the same time, the Chinese ambition for dominance is clearly announced to the world. Australian analysts had supported Pezzullo, saying that no responsible country of the world can choose to ignore this.

But the Biden administration in the United States has prepared to take a soft stand regarding China, despite accepting that the Chinese might is increasing and there is a perceived threat to the United States. President Biden accepted in his first speech in the joint session of both houses of the US Congress that China has caused immense losses to the United States with intellectual property thefts, stealing US technology through this and illegal trade activities. But Hicks, the Deputy Secretary of Defence, seems to be reducing the pressure on China, making this claim that the conflict with China is not unavoidable.

Chinese activities in the South China Sea have reached alarming levels. China has augmented its strengths systematically in the space and cyber sectors. Kathleen Hicks accepted that China could launch extremely effective cyberattacks. Hicks claimed that although the rising Chinese might, is a cause for concern, the problems can be addressed on a diplomatic level by increasing dialogue with China on all the possible levels.

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