French masses express support for letter written by former military personnel

Paris: A few days ago, 20 former French military officials had warned President Emmanuel Macron that the challenges posed by the extremists could prove to be a serious threat to France and lead to the collapse of the country. A local news channel claimed that the letter was receiving a great response from the French people. According to, 73% of the population believes that if the extremists are not dealt with, France can disintegrate. Right-wing leaders and observers in France assert that extremism is on the rise and a matter of great concern. Observers have warned that the increasing influence of extremists will not be conducive to the country’s security. Four days ago, 20 retired French army generals wrote a letter to President Macron expressing severe concern about the country’s future.   


france-macron-armyThe former officials also demanded that if President Macron does not take action against the extremists, the army should be handed over the power. A thousand French soldiers, both serving and retired, signed the letter and endorsed it. However, the French prime minister and defence minister criticised the letter.   

Now, the French public is also reacting to the letter from the military officials. Although 73% of the people support the letter of the military officials, 49% want the army to take control. 

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