Trump declares ‘patience is over’ with North Korea

In very clear words, the US  President Donald Trump gave an ultimate warning to North Korea saying that the time to show strategic restraint is over, and the time has come to give a firm reply. These words of President Trump during his meet with the South Korean President Moon Jae-in, give an indication that US may attack North Korea any moment. President Trump further advised that North Korea should very quickly choose an appropriate path to avoid punitive measures.

The South Korean President Moon Jae-in is on a visit to US and had met President Trump. The strategic analysts and diplomats across the world are very seriously observing this meeting of the two national heads. In the course of last few days, US has begun giving strong warnings to North Korea. The US leaders and the senior military officials have been continuously warning North Korea that it may have to face serious consequences for doggedly persisting with its nuclear and missile program. Precisely for this, the newly elected South Korean President is on his trip  to US.

After this meet, President Trump expressed  that the days of showing strategic patience to North Korea are over and this policy had failed completely. President Trump further added, that China’s efforts to resolve the problems created by this  nuclear and missile program of North Korea, had not been enough. It has also become apparent that James Matis, the Defense Minister of US, had also given timely warnings to North Korea, which had  been getting hints and warnings from US several times. However even before President Trump’s rhetoric on Saturday, the US seems to have given a shocking blow to North Korea and China along, by imposing restrictions on the banks in China.

US has blamed the Chinese Bank, ‘The Bank of Dandong‘ for assisting North Korea in its financial matters and imposed restrictions on the bank. The officials in US justify these measures saying it has become necessary to throttle the financial flow to North Korea. During the discussions with the South Korean President, Moon Jae-inn, President Trump explained, that hard measures on the nuclear weapons of North Korea has become a necessity as North Korea has become a threat both to US and South Korea. He had earlier requested South Korea that it should not expect the burden of its financial security to be shared by US. As South Korea had disagreed to this, there had been a distance between the two nations. If this matter was discussed during this meeting of President Moon Jae-inn, has not been revealed. In an effort to reconcile with the US, the South Korean President had announced investments in US for the forthcoming five years to the tune of 12.5 billion dollars.

In spite of this, the media claim that the US President does not seem satisfied. In the business agreements with South Korea, the interests of South Korea have been favoured is the complaint of President Trump. President Trump hopes that the agreements are revised and an equilibrium  is arrived at  between the two nations.

While showing sensitivity on one hand towards South Korea on the issue of North Korean threat, President Trump has on the other hand held South Korea to task on the issue of business investments, a nation which has always been regarded as an ally of US. At the same time, the President of US has accepted the invitation extended by President Moon Jae-inn to visit South Korea.

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