US blacklists 59 Chinese companies

Washington: – US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo had warned that the US campaign against China has still not ended. On Friday, the United States blacklisted 59 Chinese companies endorsing the Pompeo statement. The blacklisted companies include the chip manufacturing giant SMIC and DJI the drone manufacturing company. The United States took this action accusing that these companies have links with the People’s Liberation Army.   

Since the last few days that the United States has sharpened the edge of its actions against China, this action taken by the Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) from the US Commerce Department is a part of the same campaign. China is using US technology for military purposes. The US commerce department accused that the Chinese company SMIC is stealing and smuggling US technologies. US Secretary of Commerce, Wilber Ross, announced that this technology could not be allowed to fall in the hands of the combative adversaries of the United States.   

SMIC is a leader in the electronic Chip making companies. It is claimed that it has built a huge network in the United States over the last few years. SMIC is in the big league of companies like Alibaba. This company as well the drone manufacturing company SZ-DJI have links with the Chinese military. The companies blacklisted by the United States have either a stake or partnership with the Chinese army. The US commerce department accused that therefore, the operations of these companies in the United States poses a threat to national security.   

Three years ago, US President Donald Trump, declared a trade war against China. Since the last eight months, President Trump has intensified the diplomatic conflict with China, pinning the responsibility of the Coronavirus pandemic on China. Meanwhile, it is being predicted that President-elect Joe Biden will have a generous stand towards China.   

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