Xi Jinping’s policies spark discontent within China

Beijing: General Dai Shi, a senior official in the People’s Liberation Army, expressed displeasure saying, ‘Till date, China has provided economic aid to many countries and assisted them in other ways. But none of these countries stood by China when China needed them the most. The current foreign policy does not seem to benefit China.’ General Dai has underlined the failure of the foreign policy of President Xi Jinping in a measured language. It is not a Chinese tradition to openly speak about the failure of the President who has all the powers concentrated in his hand. Therefore, this displeasure expressed by General Dai becomes noteworthy.

President Xi Jinping

The displeasure against President Xi Jinping in the Chinese People’s Liberation Army and the ruling communist party is slowly surfacing. A few days ago, General Dai Shi had presented his frank opinion regarding the foreign policies of President Jinping. General Dai had frankly opined that China shared an excellent trade relationship with the United States for the last many years. But the United States accused China and started a trade war, and there is unity in the United States regarding this trade war. But China also should remember that it is a real tiger and not a paper tiger.’

With this, General Dai seems to have smartly criticised that the Chinese policy regarding the United States is like a paper tiger. At the same time, it is being revealed that by saying that there is unity in the United States over the policy regarding China, General Dai is trying to raise a doubt that there is a divide in China. The Japanese journal Nikkei Asian Review, published in English, has carried these opinions of General Dai.

President Xi Jinping

Just like General Dai, tones against the foreign policies of President Xi Jinping are being heard even from the ruling communist party. A few weeks ago, Ren Zhiqiang, a senior leader from the Chinese Communist Party, also criticised Jinping over the Coronavirus issue. Zhiqiang alleged that Jinping’s policy regarding Coronavirus was a mistake. Thereafter, Zhiqiang was expelled from the party levelling charges of corruption and anti-party activities. But the media claims that the communist party has realised that China has been isolated on the international level due to Jinping’s foreign policies. Therefore, there are talks that Jinping may be replaced by Deputy Prime Minister Hu Chunhua.

Meanwhile, President Jinping has been extremely successful in defeating political opponents and eliminating them. Jinping is known as the only President to take all the powers in the communist party in his hand after Mao. But the Coronavirus outbreak, the trade war with the United States and opposition from almost all the leading countries in the world is affecting the internal politics in China. This has made Jinping insecure, and talks have started that his unlimited power is being jolted. In this scenario, the indirect criticism made by General Dai against President Jinping in the article is giving indications to the world of the developments in China.

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