CCP members have infiltrated big companies, banks, universities as also embassies of US, UK, Australia

London/Canberra/Beijing: – Shocking revelation has been made that the members of the Chinese communist party have infiltrated big companies, banks, universities and think tanks, along with the embassies of the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia. The pro-democracy activists discovered this information through cyberattacks. An international group formed to expose the activities of the Chinese communist party on the international level presented this information through media. Following this development, Iaan Duncan Smith, a senior leader in the British ruling party, demanded a thorough inquiry in the matter and had taken an adamant stand that these Chinese communist party members should be expelled on an immediate basis.  

Chinese pro-democracy activists had launched a cyberattack on a server connected to the Chinese communist party. They could extract names, phone numbers and other information of 1.95 million Chinese communist party members in this cyberattack. The Chinese activists passed on this information to the international group Interparliamentary Alliance on China. This group has 150 members from 19 countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and European countries. This groups handed over this information to its experts and media. After that, the leading media from the United Kingdom and Australia published this information. The members who have taken the oath of allegiance to the Chinese communist party have, in various ways, succeeded in entering the embassies of different countries. It has been exposed that these Chinese communist party members are working in the embassies of at least ten countries since the last many years. The report claims that along with the embassies, the communist party members have been operating in the leading educational institutions, think tanks, leading companies and banks for many years. These include Boeing, Airbus, Jaguar Land Rover, Rolls Royce, AstraZeneca, Pfizer, ANZ bank, Standard Chartered and HSBC.  

There are nearly 123 members of the Chinese communist party operational in the leading pharmaceutical companies, like AstraZeneca and Pfizer, at various levels. There are almost 600 members of the Chinese communist party working in 20 branches of Standard Chartered and HSBC. The Australian embassy in China has about 250 communist party members working for it. The ANZ bank has a unit called the Communist Party of China, and 23 communist party members are working there.   

Ian Duncan Smith, a senior member from the ruling conservative party in the United Kingdom, reacted very aggressively. The British government must order an immediate inquiry in the matter and should immediately expel these communist party members working in the embassies and the other concerned offices. At the same time, he expressed intense regret that the British companies and educational institutions are ignoring the Chinese infiltration. China is destroying the democratic values and lifestyle in the United Kingdom as well as other western countries. Strong reactions have emanated even from Australia, and there are indications that the tension, already high with China, will fester further. 

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