Iran starts underground construction at Fordo nuclear facility: Report

Dubai: Iran has started underground construction work at the Fordo Nuclear project. An international news agency claimed that this is evident in the satellite photographs taken over the last few months. Last four weeks are remaining in the tenure of Donald Trump, as the US President. President Trump has started a spate of decisions against Iran. In this scenario, it is being claimed that major action is expected from the Trump administration, over these reports of underground activities in the Fordo Nuclear project.

Underground construction begins at Fordo Nuclear Project in Iran: International news agency reportRouhani government in Iran made a big announcement in September. Protesting the sanctions imposed by the United States and criticising the European countries, Iran announced that it would violate the provisions of the nuclear deal signed in 2015. Criticism had emanated from around the world, regarding this Iranian decision. As per the information published by the US news agency, Iran started underground construction in the Fordo Nuclear project at the end of September. The concerned news agency carried the report citing photographs taken by Maxar Technologies. Whereas, the photographs taken on 11th December show many pillars constructed for erecting a building. The US agency reminded that such pillars are constructed to support buildings in earthquake-prone areas.

Iranian National Vacuum Technology centre is also located on the premises of the project. This centre helps in the process for enrichment of Uranium. The news agency also quoted a satellite photograph posted on social media by an Israeli soldier. Detailed information regarding the construction activity in the Fordo project is given in this photograph. A South Korean aerospace company had published these satellite photographs. The US news agency indicated that Iran had started construction in the Fordo project and has succeeded in it. As per the agreement signed by Iran with the western countries, in 2015, Iran was expected to stop the Uranium enrichment at this site. The western countries had suggested starting a technology centre at the location. Jeffrey Lewis, an analyst at the James Martin Centre for Non-proliferation Studies, informed said that the agreement stressed on limiting the Iranian activities in the Fordo Nuclear project. But Iranian supreme religious leader had threatened that Fordo Nuclear project is a red line for Iran.

Underground construction begins at Fordo Nuclear Project in Iran: International news agency reportFordo is believed to be the most important nuclear project in the Iranian nuclear program. It is claimed that minimum 3,000 centrifuges can be fitted in this project. Iran has deployed anti-aircraft guns and other military units for the security of this project, surrounded by mountain ranges. Iran has not reacted to the report published by the US news agency.

Meanwhile, a few weeks ago, Iran announced a massive increase in Uranium enrichment, following the assassination of Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, a nuclear scientist connected with the Iranian nuclear program. Concerns are already being expressed regarding the enriched Uranium stocks with Iran. It is claimed that Iran has enriched Uranium stock, sufficient to produce at least two nuclear bombs. In this situation, the Iranian activities at the Fordo Nuclear project are adding to concerns further.

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