The United States rebukes China after the cyberattack in Australia

Washington/ Beijing: The cyberattack carried out in Australia by China is indicating another reason to add up to its conflict with the United States. US State Secretary Mike Pompeo lambasted China and accused it of forcefully imposing its policies against other nations. Moreover, China has accused the United States of making Australia its underling.



On Friday, Australian PM Scott Morrison announced that since the last few days, the government and private systems in Australia are facing a cyberattack. He had warned about one country being responsible behind this attack. Later, the Australian media and think tanks accused China of this cyberattack. However, China dismissed these accusations.

Besides, the United States has leapt the argument, which has sparked between China and Australia. Furthermore, US State Secretary Mike Pompeo accused China of forcing itself over Australia. Secretary Pompeo also drew attention to the fact that China has raised the tax on Australian imports and have even banned some of the Australian products. Besides, Secretary Pompeo also affirmed that he mentioned this point of Chinese actions against Australia in his meeting with Yang Jiechi.


In the past month, this is the second instance of the United States blasting at China in support of Australia. Earlier, the United States had fired a salvo of criticism at China over the taxes imposed on the Australian commodities. Moreover, China also threatened Australia of grave economic consequences, as it demanded an independent investigation on the Coronavirus. However, US State Secretary Pompeo ridiculed China’s stance and affirmed that the United States stands by Australia in this China-Australia conflict. This criticism on China by the United States is considered a part of the expansive political conflict between the United States and China over the Coronavirus pandemic and other related issues.

Meanwhile, China has mocked Australia, who accused China of the cyberattacks. In this campaign of defaming China, Australia was criticised as the US henchman by the Chinese foreign ministry. This comment by the Chinese foreign ministry shows that China is scattered due to Australia’s accusation and Secretary Pompeo’s statement.

Over the last few months, Australia has made some aggressive decisions to cease the Chinese investment in the country. Besides, Australian PM Scott Morrison took some bold decisions and delivered a jolt to China. PM Morrison had expressed strong disapproval against the Chinese actions in the Pacific Ocean.

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