The edge of resistance against the Myanmar Junta regime becomes sharper

Naypyidaw: – There are indications that the retaliation against the actions of the Junta regime in Myanmar will intensify. After 100 days of the coup by the military to take over power in the country, the possibility of a widespread armed conflict against the Junta regime has increased. Information has been received that small armed groups are emerging in northern and central Myanmar. At the same time, the media is claiming that doctors, students, government employees, players and models are willing to participate in the armed conflict against the Junta regime.   


The military took over power in Myanmar, through a coup, in February. The population of Myanmar took to the streets for pro-democracy protests against the decision of the military. The people of Myanmar did not retreat despite cruel actions and inhuman violence by the military. The spirit of the protestors is high, even after 100 days, and the extent of the agitation is seen to be spreading more and more. Along with the extent, the nature of the agitation also seems to be changing.   

In March, the leaders of the agitation had warned that if the military used force, the civilians had a right to defend themselves. Following that, the leaders from the democratic government and ethnic and rebel groups aligned to form the National Unity Government. It was announced that this National Unity Government would function as a parallel government to the Junta regime.   

After that, an announcement of the People’s Defence Force for the security of the population was made. It was indicated that this force would engage the military in an armed conflict. The Junta regime, restless with these developments, declared the National Unity Government as a terrorist outfit. But it is becoming evident that the population of Myanmar is preparing for an armed conflict without paying any heed to the pressure exerted by the Myanmar military.   

Htar Htet, known as the ‘Beauty Queen’ in Myanmar, released her photographs with a rifle on social media. The caption of the picture said that she was willing to sacrifice her life for the uprising against the military. It has been reported that before Htar, famous sportsman Fo Thou also has joined the agitation. Thousands of youths from Myanmar have expressed keenness to undergo training for armed conflict. It is said that the ethnic and rebel groups have set up training camps for these new recruits.   

Many small armed groups have been formed in northern and central Myanmar, and reports of their military clashes are also being received. As per the information given by websites like Myanmar Now and The Irrawaddy, nearly 100 soldiers of the Myanmar military were killed over the last few weeks in such incidents.   

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