Turks protest against US outside the Incirlik airbase

Ankara : After the news spread about action preparatory to the second attempt at a military coup Turkey’s Incirlik air base, Turkish citizens supporting Erdogan gathered outside the airbase to protest  against the US. Protesters demanded that the base be closed to the US and the NATO military.


turkey-incirlik-baseTwo weeks ago, the Erdogan government had arrested thousands of soldiers, government officials and suspects involved in the failed military coup  in Turkey. However, it has come to light that more than 40 helicopters and more than 20 destroyers of Turkish military are missing leading to the indication of another coup attempt in Turkey. On this background, the news of the movements of the rebels at the ‘Incirlik’  spread, Erdogan supporters began their protests right at the entrance..

Last week too, the Turkish people who had voiced protests standing outside this airbase, had shouted slogans against the US and Israel. At the time, the protestors had alleged that the US had provided support to the rebels in Turkey.

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