Turkish President slams US for supporting terrorists

Ankara : Turkey’s President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan slammed the NATO and the US by stating that ‘Turkey is a member nation of the NATO and instead of aiding Turkey how can they support the terrorists?  also  are these terrorist organisations their allies?’ Erdogan also rebuked that Turkey completely disapproves the allies supporting the terrorists.


erdogan-obamaWhile addressing the ‘Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey’ program conducted in the capital city of Ankara, Erdogan criticised the policies adopted by the US against terrorism. Turkey has declared ‘Kurdish People’s Protection Unit’ (YPG) and its affiliates like the ‘PKK’ as terrorist groups. These terrorist organisations are causing destructive attacks on Turkey thereby targeting the army and the government systems. Therefore the Erdogan government is demanding that the US should break all the collaborations and implement restrictions on them.

However the US is not ready to accept these Kurdish organisations as terrorists. At the same time because the US had used these Kurdish organisations in the Syrian struggle, the US has opposed the action taken by Turkey on these Kurdish organisations and their hideouts. Against this backdrop, Erdogan has once again strongly criticised the US.

Erdogan made sharp criticism saying that Turkey has invariably called upon to not provide any support to these terrorist organisations however still the US and a few other major countries are supporting these terrorist organisations who are claiming the lives of innocent citizens. Erdogan also warned that aiding such terrorist organisations would prove to be costly to the US in future and infact, these organisations will attack the nations that support them.

Just a few hours back, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu also made similar allegation on the US. Foreign Minister Cavusoglu criticised that the US is providing weaponry to the terrorist organisations ‘PKK’ & ‘YPG’.

Two days before Erdogan had alleged the US of supporting the terrorists in Syria. Erdogan had blamed the US and its allies in Europe and Gulf for providing complete aid to terrorist organisations like ‘IS’, ‘Jabat’ and Kurd for spreading terrorism in Syria. President Erdogan had also claimed of having evidence against the US and other allies of providing assistance to the terrorists.

The Turkish President had also clarified that these evidences include photographs and videos. Erdogan had also criticised the US of not helping Turkey to launch air strikes on Kurdish insurgents hiding in the ‘Al-Bab’ location in Syria. It is claimed that the Kurdish insurgents along with a few organisations related to the ‘IS’ are hiding in the ‘Al-Bab’ region.

However the US State Department spokesman Mark Toner have rejected these allegations made by the Turkish President. Toner had termed the allegation about the US supporting the ‘IS’ as ludicrous and baseless. The US State Department spokesman had also criticised that the Turkish President is behaving crookedly. Amidst allegations made by Turkey and the criticism made by the US in response , it can be seen that the President of Turkey has once again severely slammed the US.

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