Turkey police surround Incirlik airbase, Turkey, lockdown 1500 US soldiers & nukes

Ankara : Within few hours after Turkey’s President Mr Erdogan’s announced that US and other European countries were no longer Turkey’s allies, almost 7000 Turkish police surrounded the ‘Incirlik’ airbase where currently US soldiers are deployed. This action was taken after the news of an attempted second coup in Turkey. After the failed coup attempt fifteen days ago in Turkey, Erdogan government has taken action at ‘Incirlik’ for the third time.


Turkey police surround Incirlik airbase, Turkey, lockdown 1500 US soldiers & nukes

Incirlik airbase is in the ‘Adana’ region of Southern Turkey. The Adana police received a tip-off that there are attempts in this airbase for another coup. After this, the local newspapers report that the police forces took immediate action and closed the main door of “Incirlik airbase”. It is reported that Turkey’s 7000 police along with armored vehicles took part in this action.

Turkey’s senior ministers came forward to clarify after the raised tension which followed the action taken by the Turkish police at the Incirlik airbase. These ministers informed that the step was taken to check the security at this airbase. However after assessing the situation in Turkey in the last two weeks, the action taken by Turkish police against the airbase is not considered to be usual by Turkey’s media and analysts. ‘Incirlik’ airbase came into discussions after the failed coup attempt in Turkey on 16th July.

The army insurgents who tried to bring down the Erdogan government, had taken shelter at this airbase. Amongst these rebels was ‘General Bekir Ercan Van’ a senior military officer. The rebels had used ‘Incirlik’ airbase to fuel the planes, which launched attacks against the soldiers supporting Erdogan. Within few hours of the failed coup attempt, General Bekir had attempted to seek asylum in the US.

However Turkish military took action at ‘Insirlik’ and arrested General Bekir along with other rebels. The airbase was closed for two days. Last week Turkish government again took action against ‘Incirlik’ by disrupting its power supply for five days. The food and water supply to this airbase was cut off. ‘Insirlik’ has 500 US soldiers and 90 nuclear bombs.

As a member nation of NATO, two years ago Turkey had given its ‘Incirlik’ airbase to US for using it in it’s ‘anti-IS’ campaign in Iraq and Syria. US fighter planes are launching attacks on the ‘IS’ using this airbase.

President Erdogan has been accusing US-based Turkish religious head ‘Fetullah Gulen’ of plotting coup attempts. Mr Erdogen accuses that Mr Gulen is a mere pawn in this game and there are bigger powers behind this conspiracy. By directly or indirectly accusing US and other western countries as being responsible for this coup attempt, Mr Erdogen has attracted the anger of these countries. There is news that in Germany, broadcasting of President Erdogan’s speech is banned. Turkey has demanded clarification for imposing this ban.

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