Turkey ready to bid ‘Good-Bye’ to the European Union, warns President of Turkey

Ankara: Fierce reaction has emerged from Turkey after the European Union rejected Turkey’s proposal for its entry into the EU. Turkey is ready to bid ‘Good-Bye’ to the EU, if its proposal is not considered, said Turkish President Erdogan. The disputes between both the parties seem to have reached flashpoint and the agreement between the EU and Turkey for controlling migrants could be jeopardized due to these differences.

erdoganEuropean Union Commissioner Johannes Hahn had rejected the possibility of Turkey’s entry into the Union. The democracy and freedom of residents is being strangled in Turkey, criticised Hahn. After the failed coup attempt against President Erdogan, thousands of people have been arrested under the charges of participation in the coup. President Erdogan’s government had even prepared to declare death sentence to those involved in the coup. The EU had sternly warned Turkey against this.

Turkey is trying to gain entry into the EU since past few years. The EU had been constantly warning Turkey that Turkey’s entry into the Union would be jeopardized, if the Turkish government continued oppressing their citizens. However, the Turkish government refused to change its policies, as directed by the European Union. Soon the EU reacted to this. Johannes Hahn, the Commissioner of EU warned that the rules of the Union are very strict and there is no possibility of any compromise vis-a-vis democracy.

The democracy is being strangled in Turkey; hence, the issue of Turkey’s entry into the EU stands closed, atleast for the time being, said Commissioner Hahn. In response to this, the Turkish President Erdogan has delivered a stern message that Turkey is ready to bid ‘Goodbye’ to the EU. Turkey does have a democracy and individual freedom as well. President Erdogan criticised the EU stating, the citizens of Turkey enjoy the same freedom as any other European country.

In spite of this, if the EU is not ready to accept Turkey, Turkey is free to go along its own way, warned President Erdogan. Due to this, it is evident that in times to come, the agreement between the EU and Turkey related to the migrants is in jeopardy. Few months back, Turkey had threatened to release mobs of migrants into Europe, if the EU is not ready to consider their membership and accept other demands. If Turkey converts this threat into reality, the EU member nations may have to bear its grave consequences.

Migrants from Syria, scorched in civil war, along with Iraq and a few African countries are entering European countries through Turkey. An agreement to stop these migrants, was made between the EU and Turkey. While the dispute over the EU membership is approaching flashpoint, Turkey can make things difficult for the EU by backing out from this agreement. President Erdogan’s government is constantly making the EU aware of this. This background to the aggressive stand of Turkey, is increasing the worries of European nations.

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