Turkey could open gates to Europe for refugees, threatens Turkey’s President

Istanbul/Strasbourg: While accusing Europe of betraying Turkey, President Recep Erdogan has threatened to open the gates to Europe for refugees. On Thursday, the European Parliament rejected an important negotiation concerning approval of Turkey into the European Union (EU) as a member nation. While fiercely reacting to this, Erdogan threatened that if Turkey’s support was declined, there would be a huge influx of migrants into Europe. A few days ago, Turkey’s president had expressed his uncertainty over the EU membership and claimed the ‘Shanghai Cooperation Organization’ to be an alternative.

Turkey could open gates to Europe for refugees threatens Turkey's President

In a parliamentary session on Thursday, the EU voted in favour of suspending the talks concerning Turkey’s EU membership. This resolution was passed with 479 votes in favour versus 37 which were against. The resolution’s rough draft mentioned the failed military coup that occurred in July in Turkey. It has been noted during the resolution that the EU decided to freeze talks while criticizing the Turkish government’s proceedings carried out after the military coup.

Turkey has displayed an intense response over this resolution that was passed in the European parliament. President Erdogan along with prominent leaders of Turkey aggressively threatened the EU member nations. President Erdogan warned the EU by saying that if EU went any further, Turkey would open the gates at its borders. Neither him nor the people of Turkey were afraid of their empty threats. Even if the whole of Europe was to accept the parliament’s resolution, it would not make any difference to them.

Turkey could open gates to Europe for refugees threatens Turkey's President

Erdogan while making a rattling accusation said that Turkey was currently sheltering approximately 30 to 35 lakh refugees and in return the EU had betrayed their trust. He also threatened that if EU suspended the talks, the European countries would have to bear its consequences. An agreement concerning migrants had been signed between the EU and Turkey this year. As per the agreement, Turkey was assured financial aid and an EU membership and in return Turkey was to bear the responsibility of the refugees.

However, the European Union appears to be prolonging the approval of Turkey’s EU membership. Many of the EU’s member nations have displayed their opposition towards the accession of Turkey into EU. The resolution passed on Thursday is believed to be an instance of the same. Turkey has been negotiating its membership into the EU for the past 11 years. However, these talks have not progressed still and Turkey has from time to time expressed its displeasure over it.

A few days ago, Turkish President Recep Erdogan while suggesting that ‘SCO’ could be an alternative to the EU said that instead of pursuing the membership to the EU, Turkey should consider other alternatives. The ‘Shanghai Cooperation Organization’ formed under the Russian leadership could be a good alternative.

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