Syrian army and Kurds unite against Turkish forces

Damascus: The Syrian army and the Kurdish leadership have negotiated a solution to reply to the action started by the Turkish army in the ‘Afrin’ region. A Kurdish officer in Syria informed that the Syrian army will soon enter the ‘Afrin’ region and attack the Turkish troops. Meanwhile, Turkey has warned that the Syrian army will be attacked if they join hands with the Kurds.


syria, kurd, turkish, assadBadran Jia Kurd, the Advisor to the ‘Kurdish People Protection Unit’ (YPG) in Syria while talking to an international news agency said that the negotiations have been successful with the Syrian government. Badran Jia claimed that the Syrian army has agreed, with the Kurds to provide military assistance in the Northern ‘Afrin’ region. ‘We may have differences with the Assad regime but on the political and administrative issues we are always with the Syrian government,’ declared Badran Jia.

As per the agreement the Syrian army will enter the ‘Afrin’ region in the next two days, informed the Kurd sources. But, the Syrian army will have only a limited role against Turkey, in ‘Afrin’, Badran clarified. The Kurds in Iraq also endorsed the information given by the Kurdish organisation ‘YPG’, in Syria. According to the Kurd leaders in Iraq, it was necessary that the Kurds and the Syrian army joined hands to prevent the Turkish army from entering Syria.

But, the Syrian government has not commented on this. Even if the ‘YPG’ Spokesman has announced the co-operation, the Syrian as well as the international media have claimed this co-operation to be short lived. Talks between the Kurds and the Syrian government were ongoing, even in the past. The Syrian government had appealed to the Kurds of a ceasefire during these talks. The concerned talks failed as the Kurds refused to accept the condition. Therefore, the international observers are watching, as to how long this co-operation will last.

Turkey has replied to the news of co-operation between Kurds and Syrian army. “We have no complaints, if the Syrian army is entering Afrin to expel the Kurds. But, if the Syrian army is entering to protect the Kurds then nobody can stop the Turkish army. The ‘Operation Olive Branch’ campaign will proceed as planned,” warned Turkish Defence Minister, Mevlut Cavusoglu.

Meanwhile, Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, criticised the Kurds and Syrian co-operation, while talking to the Russian President Vladimir Putin, over the phone. As per a Turkish daily, Erdogan has warned that if Assad regime helps the Kurds, there will be severe repercussions. Turkey had attacked Afrin city, under the control of Syrian Kurds, two weeks ago and has indicated to intensify the operation.

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