20,000 arrested in Turkey after attempted coup

turkey-erdoganIstanbul : Turkish President Erdogan has intensified the actions against activists and so far nearly 20,000 have been taken into custody. These include 6000 military soldiers, 9000 police, 3000 magistrates, 30 Governors, over 100 officers holding General and Admiral Posts, Politicians and Political officers and industrialists. Turkey is in a churned state at the moment on account of these actions while  a Senior Official of the European Union has accused Erdogan’s Government to have formalised the list of activists even prior to the military coup.  

Major arrests have been carried out from the capital city Ankara and Istanbul. Of these 6000 soldiers have been charged for coup last week while 8000 policemen arrested from Ankara and Istanbul have been charged for assisting in the coup. This has created a division in the Turkish Defense mechanism which possibly will affect the internal security of Turkey. 

turkey-rebelsAlso around 1500 workers associated with the Finance Ministry have been suspended over charges of assisting the activists. The attempt of coup last week and the actions taken thereof are predicted to affect Turkey’s economy badly. Opposition is accusing Erdogan for strengthening his reign by taking major actions against his rivals. Intense reactions are emerging amongst European nations over the actions taken by the Erdogan Government. 

Johannes Hahn who has been striving for Turkey’s membership in the EU has expressed his concern over the Erdogan government. ‘The swift captivations done by the Erdogan government after the incident on Friday clearly depicts that the list of magistrates, political officers and industrialists had been ready well in advance. The arrests are ongoing as if prior instructions were issued to arrest the people in the list in the event of a coup in Turkey, accused Johannes. 

Meanwhile Turkish government has announced, the arrest activity will continue henceforth. Once again the government has intimated America and demanded Fethullah Gulen to be surrendered, for which they are also preparing to put to stake their relations with America. 

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