Trust deficit between United States and Israel widens

Jerusalem/Washington: – US President Joe Biden is making rapid moves to sign a nuclear deal with Iran. Two days ago, the Biden administration even gave indications of giving Iran concessions in sanctions. Therefore, the Israeli belief in the United States has been shaken, and Israel is looking at these developments with suspicion. An Israeli delegation is visiting the United States next week to present the Israeli stand regarding the Iran nuclear deal. Israeli media claimed that the developments in the Gulf depend on this meeting between the officials from the United States and Israel.   


us-israel-distrustThe discussions being held in Vienna regarding the Iran nuclear deal were held two weeks ago. New negotiations will start from Monday. The Biden administration has indicted to offer Iran concessions in the sanctions to convince Iran to join the 2015 nuclear deal. A senior US official gave this information while talking to an international news agency. It is claimed that the Biden administration will be presenting a proposal in this regard to Iran in the next week. Reports of Israel being upset with these activities of the Biden administration to appease Iran for the nuclear deal are being received.   

Israel had suggested that a new nuclear agreement should be signed with Iran, and the Israeli concerns regarding the Iranian ballistic missiles and the Iran affiliated terrorist organisations should be addressed. But the Biden administration is trying to revive the 2015 nuclear deal, ignoring the Israeli suggestion. The Biden administration has not even made its stand clear regarding the issues raised by Israel. Israeli officials criticised while speaking to a news agency that the policies of the Biden administration regarding concessions from sanctions to be offered to Iran are not transparent.  

Israel is alleging that despondency has developed in the relations between the United States and Israel due to this stand of the Biden administration. Against this background, Israel’s National Security Advisor (NSA) Mir Ben-Shabbat, Mossad Chief Yossi Cohen, Defence Chief Aviv Kochavi and Chief of Military Intelligence Tamir Heyman are proceeding on a special visit to the United States. During the visit, Ben-Shabbat will meet the US NSA Jake Sullivan. In contrast, it is claimed that Cohen will be presenting necessary evidence regarding the Iranian nuclear program in front of the Biden administration.  

Nearly 2,000 retired military officials from Israel have written a letter to the Biden administration appealing not to sign the nuclear deal with Iran. Whereas, reports are also being received that the Jewish leaders and groups in the United States also will be making efforts to stop the concerned agreement. A reaction also may be received from the Republican Party in the US Congress regarding the moves made by the Biden administration for the Iran nuclear deal. The Israeli media has claimed that despite all this, if the Israeli stand is not respected, the rift between the two countries will widen further.   

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