Israel not bound by the US-Iran deal: Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu

Jerusalem: – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivered a message that Israel’s closest friends should remember; it has no obligation towards the nuclear deal with a country that speaks of annihilating Israel. Israel will be committed only to the missions to bust the plots of the countries, announcing the destruction of Israel. 

usa-iran-nuclear-deal-israelOn Wednesday, virtual talks regarding the nuclear deal, started between the United States and Iran in the Austrian capital of Vienna. Representatives of the United Kingdom, France, Germany, China, and Russia are participating in these talks, which started with the European Union’s mediation. These talks will focus on the revival of the nuclear deal signed with Iran in 2015. Besides, the Biden administration has expressed willingness to withdraw certain sanctions. Ned Price, the US department of state spokesman, indicated it while speaking with the media on Wednesday.   

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu gave his reaction regarding the talks being held between the United States and Iran. The Israeli Prime Minister warned that if the United States signs a nuclear deal with Iran, who speaks of wiping Israel from the world map, it will not bind to Israel. Such agreements signed by extremist regimes are finally proved worthless. 

Prime Minister Netanyahu issued a stern warning that as of today, no country in the world can stop Israel from taking action against another country posing a threat to Israel’s existence. Yasi Kohen, the Chief of the principal Israeli intelligence agency, Mossad, will soon be visiting the United States. An Israeli news channel claimed that Kohen would meet President Joe Biden and persuade him not to sign the nuclear deal with Iran. The Israeli news channel informed that Kohen would meet US President Joe Biden, his National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, and other US intelligence officials, at the White House, for this purpose. As per the Israeli news channel, Kohen will be presenting certain evidence regarding the Iran nuclear program in front of the United States.   

In this scenario, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has issued a warning to the Biden administration over the Iran nuclear deal. Report of an attack on an Iranian ship on an espionage mission had been published just hours before this warning. The warning coming from the Israeli Prime Minister after that will seemingly have the maximum impact. A message is being delivered to the United States that in the coming times, Israel will take action singularly against Iran, without paying any heed even to the United States, to safeguard its interests.   

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