Biden administration should unconditionally withdraw sanctions against Iran, demands Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif

Tehran/Washington: – Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif demanded, ‘New US President Joe Biden should unconditionally withdraw all the sanctions imposed by former President Trump. There should not be any new expectations regarding the nuclear deal from Iran while doing so.’ The Iranian Foreign Minister has delivered a message that the window of opportunity created with President Biden taking over will not remain open for a long time.   

biden-iran Iranian Foreign Minister has said in the article written for the ‘Council on Foreign Relations’ magazine, a renowned think tank from the United States, that President Biden will have to take some important decisions in the coming times. Zarif proposed, ‘The new administration can remain adamant on President Trump’s failed stand to increase pressure on Iran with more and more sanctions imposed, or President Biden can scrap the policies of the previous administration and establish new cooperation with Iran.’  

Foreign Minister Zarif warned, ‘If the United States is planning to get any demands met while signing the new nuclear deal, the Biden administration will miss the available opportunity.’ Zarif appealed that Biden should prove that his approach towards Iran is genuine for this. At the same time, Zarif demanded that all the old and new sanctions imposed by President Trump against Iran should be withdrawn. Zarif claimed that in return, Iran would reverse the decisions taken over the last few weeks.   

Two days ago, newly selected Secretary of State Antony Blinken said that discussions would be held with Israel and Arab countries before initiating the new nuclear deal with Iran. Blinken had spoken in front of the congressional committee that if Iran is willing to concede to the US demands, the United States will be ready to sign a new nuclear deal with Iran. Israel, infuriated with this, had warned that the United States should not make the mistake of withdrawing sanctions against Iran.   

Israel issued a stern warning that if the United States eased the sanctions against Iran, it would stand to lose the cooperation of Israel and the Arab countries.   

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