Thousands in Britain will fall prey to Russia’s cyber attacks, warns British Defence Minister

London : “Russia poses a grave threat to British security. If Russia carries out cyber-attacks on the energy projects in Britain, it will lead to a collapse of the internal systems in Britain and thousands of British citizens will fall prey to it,” warned the new British Defence Minister Gavin Williamson. Russia has mocked at these allegations made by the British Defence Minister.


British-Defence-MinisterDefence Minister Williamson was interviewed by “The Telegraph” a few hours ago. In this interview, Williamson stated that Russia is minutely observing the internal systems in Britain. He further claimed that these observations included the energy projects in Britain as well as the marine internet systems that connected the British population.

Russia will not directly attack Britain with missiles but will attack its basic infrastructure in order to shake the British economy, he warned. Williamson alleged that Russia plans to break down the energy projects in Britain through cyber-attacks in order to create chaos and fear among the British population.

British military analysts and media have given grave consideration to this warning by the British Defence Minister. Minister Williamson will be announcing the Defence policy for Britain in the next few days. It is believed before this announcement the Defence Minister wanted to alert the British population regarding the threat from Russia.

In the meanwhile, the Russian Defence Ministry has denied the allegations made by Britain. Russian media have criticised the new Defence Minister to be making such allegations only to increase his own influence.

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