Russia deploying ‘Cyber Plan’ to achieve second Scottish independence referendum, warns senior US senator

Washington/ London: Senior US Senators have warned that Russia has deployed a ‘cyber plan’ for achieving the second referendum concerning the Scottish independence. Previously, 55% of the Scottish people had voted against Scotland being independent from Britain. However, after Britain’s decision for making an exit from the European Union was made in 2016, the local Scottish leaders have indicated that another Scottish Independence referendum may take place.

During a congressional committee hearing before the ‘Senate Intelligence Committee’, US Senator Angus King warned of a possible Russian interference in the Scottish independence. During the hearing, he openly alleged of Russian interference in not only the French and German elections but also the Catalonian independence referendum. Senator King said that they had information that Russia has started making interference with the help of Russian Hackers in Scotland who was attempting to separate from Great Britain. He said that it was a part of an extremely sophisticated worldwide strategy. He highlighted that Russia hadn’t stopped using it and that they wouldn’t either.

The US Senator also restated the allegations of Russia having interfered with the US presidential elections in 2016. He alleged that Russia had strategized to use the strengths of the US and rest of the Western world against themselves. He also said that Russia was taking advantage of the free press and open society in the western world and driving divisions.

On the contrary, only a few days ago, UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson informed that there was no evidence found of the Russian interference with the Britain elections and the BREXIT referendums.

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