Russian Foreign Ministry warns Britain to not to threaten nuclear Russia

Moscow/ London: In a harsh reply to the UK, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson, ‘Maria Zakharova’ said, “No one should threaten nuclear equipped Russia.” The British Prime Minister had warned of dire consequences if Russia did not explain the poisoning of former Russian spy in the UK. The Russian Foreign Ministry had reminded the UK of the Russian nuclear capabilities while replying to the warning.


theresa may, vladimir putin, britain, uk, nuclear, russia, skripalBritish Prime Minister Theresa May has expressed suspicion about Russian involvement in the poisoning of ‘Sergei Skripal’ and his daughter as the use of a nerve agent developed by Russia was found in the investigation. Prime Minister May had also warned of a stern action if Russia did not explain before Tuesday night. Russian reaction has emerged on these statements.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov had clarified that there was no Russian involvement in the ‘Skripal poisoning case’. Some of the Russian officials and leaders had claimed that the UK was to benefit by the ‘Skripal’ killing, therefore, there is a possibility of British agencies involved in the matter. Russia had summoned and reprimanded the British Ambassador to express its displeasure. After that the Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zakharova adopted the aggressive stand to reply Britain.

After reminding of the Russian nuclear preparedness, the Russian officials warned of a possible action by Russia against the UK. The Russian embassy in the UK has alleged in their tweet that the British stand is inciting. At the same time, it has been claimed that the incident in Britain and the subsequent warning is an effort to tarnish the Russian image.

At a time when Russia has issued nuclear threats, the UK has increased the activities at the international level. Britain has claimed that Prime Minister May has received support from the United States, after a telephonic discussion with US President Trump about the issue. At the same time, Britain has clarified that the ‘Skripal’ issue will be raised in NATO and United Nations on Wednesday. 

Suspicious death of a Russian official in the British capital

Nicholai Glushkov, the Former Chief of the Russian airlines ‘Aeroflot’ and a close associate of industrialist Boris Berezovsky was found dead in suspicious circumstances in London. Glushkov had claimed to be on the hitlist of President Putin in 2013. The body of the 68 years old, Glushkov was found at his residence and had marks around his neck. After serving a sentence for 5 years in Russia, Britain granted him asylum in 2010.



….Else we will expel the British Media in Russia, warns Russia

Russia has warned that all the British media houses and reporters will be expelled from Russia if Britain cancels the license of news channel ‘RT’ of the Russian government. Britain has issued warning of aggressive action against Russia in view of the incident of killing of a former Russian spy. The proposal for cancellation of the license, of the news channel ‘RT’, is a part of the British action. The information about ‘OFCOM’ in Britain issuing a notice to ‘RT’ has been published. 

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