Terrorist sanctuaries must be dismantled for betterment of Afghanistan: Indian Foreign Ministry

New Delhi : Death toll rises in a terrorist attack on a girls’ school in northern Kabul, Afghanistan. The dead include more than 50 girls. This attack is being rebuked from all around the world. India has also condemned this attack and said that this is an attack on the future of Afghanistan. This terror attack highlights the importance of dismantling terror sanctuaries and the immediate need for a comprehensive ceasefire in Afghanistan, warned the Indian Ministry of External Affairs.


afghan-futureOn Saturday afternoon, Sayed al-Shuhada girls’ school, located in the south of Kabul in Afghanistan, was under a terror attack. This attack killed over 50 girls. Even though the Taliban did not accept responsibility for this attack, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has accused them of it. This attack has received strong reactions from across the world. Indian Foreign Ministry has expressed its grief over the deaths and conveyed thoughts and prayers to their family members on behalf of India.

Moreover, the Indian Foreign Ministry said that targeting young girl students makes this an attack on Afghanistan’s future. The perpetrators clearly seek to destroy the painstaking and hard-won achievements that the Afghans have put in place over the last two decades. “This incident demonstrates, once again, the urgent need for dismantling terrorist sanctuaries and the immediate need for a comprehensive nationwide ceasefire to make the peace process meaningful and sustainable”, it further added.

Besides, the Afghanistan and Indian government have claimed time and again that the origin of this terror belongs in Pakistan and not Afghanistan. Also, US leaders have started to openly accuse that the terror sanctuaries of the Taliban are in Pakistan. Furthermore, there are severe accusations that the Pakistani assistance to the Taliban is responsible for the failure of the United States. The Indian Foreign Ministry, hence, claimed that Pakistan is funding the bloodshed in Afghanistan after the US military withdrawal. A few weeks ago, Indian MEA S Jaishankar had spoken of the need for peace and stability in Afghanistan and nearby regions. This was the background for it.

Over the last few days, Pakistani terrorists have been killed in the frequent encounters between the Taliban terrorists and the Afghan military. The Afghan Defence Ministry is consistently revealing the death toll. Thus, this reiterates the fact that Pakistan backs the Taliban. At the same time, earlier news had surfaced that the Taliban is against the modern democratic state system, girl child education and women’s rights. A few months ago, it was revealed that the Taliban has been targeting girls’ school. Hence, fears are being expressed that Afghanistan will witness a massive downfall if the Taliban assumes its control. So, as the Afghan armed forces continue to fight against it during conflicts, news has surfaced that the civilians have also picked weapons to counter the Taliban.

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