High alert issued as 6 Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorists enter Tamil Nadu

Chennai: Intelligence agencies have warned that 6 terrorists of the Pakistan based terror outfit Lashkar-e-Taiba have entered Tamil Nadu. Subsequently, a high alert was issued in Tamil Nadu. The ‘Lashkar’ terrorists successfully entered India through Sri Lanka, and it is believed that they are hiding in Coimbatore.


One of the six terrorists that have entered India is a Pakistani national named Ilyas Anwar while the other 5 terrorists are of Sri Lankan origin according to the intelligence report. After the reports were published, more than 2000 personnel of the Police force were deployed, and arrangements have been made from a security point of view. Police Commissioner Sumit Sharan said that people do not need to be worried. He said that the high alert was issued after getting the reports from intelligence agencies about the terrorists’ intrusion on Thursday. He also said that vehicles are being thoroughly checked and security has been increased in important areas.

A high alert was issued 3 days ago in the states of Gujarat and Rajasthan along with the rest of the country after the intelligence agencies warned that an ISI handler and 4 terrorists have entered India.

Pakistan has become restless after article 370 was abrogated from Jammu and Kashmir. Their attempts to turn other countries against India’s decision have failed miserably. Apart from China, all the countries including the UN, have said that this is an internal issue of India. Therefore, Pakistan, who have always resorted to terrorism against India, seems to be doing that once again. The terrorist organisations in Pakistan are planning to carry out attacks in India, according to intelligence reports published.

The reports published 3 days ago about the 4 terrorists, and an ISI handler entering India. Furthermore, the latest reports about the 6 LeT terrorists entering Tamil Nadu are enough to prove Pakistan’s motives. It is hence, clear that Pakistan wants to spread unrest in the country by carrying out terrorist attacks.

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