Pakistan accuses India of belligerence, after making security arrangements for terrorists in PoK

Islamabad: Pakistani Prime Minister has once again levelled an accusation that India is preparing to attack the Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK). Imran Khan demanded that therefore, the UN Security Council should inspect the Line of Control. Imran Khan appealed to the UN Security Council to exert pressure on India, to get India to agree for the inspection. On the other hand, Pakistan has intensified the security of the terrorist bases in POK and has reportedly installed cameras and signal towers at these bases.


China tried bringing the Kashmir issue up in the UN Security Council. But the Security Council refused to take it up saying that Kashmir was a bilateral issue even during an informal discussion. The Pakistan Prime Minister had to accept that he was not getting the expected support. Thereafter, the Pakistan Prime Minister reiterated the accusation that India was planning to attack PoK. Imran Khan expressed a concern that India will orchestrate a terror attack and will invade PoK. Imran Khan demanded that the UN Security Council should pressurise India and conduct an inspection of the Line of Control, to avoid this.

Pakistan accuses India of belligerence, after making security arrangements for terrorists in PoKWhile the Pakistani Prime Minister is making this demand, the activities of the infamous Pakistani intelligence agency, ISI, have intensified, in the terror bases in PoK. The security arrangements at these bases have been equipped with high-tech cameras and signal towers have been installed. It is also being revealed that there is some major ISI conspiracy behind this. As per received unconfirmed reports, the ISI plan is to plant the IEDs in the Kashmir border region and try to kill a maximum number of Indian soldiers.

The ISI is supporting the BAT teams of Pakistan military, for this saboteur activity. BAT has not been successful in this plan, because of the alertness of the Indian military. Pakistan military and ISI are fully aware that in the future if the BAT teams succeed in executing this plan, there will be a very severe reaction from India. Therefore, ISI has prepared for the security of the terrorists, hiding in the POK border areas. ISI has made these preparations as they are certain that India will not spare these terrorist bases, in such a scenario.

Meanwhile, the Indian military has already clarified that if any terrorists, coming from Pakistan, carry out an attack in India or the Pakistan military or ISI carry out a misadventure on the border, India will teach Pakistan a lesson. The Indian political leadership too has issued stern warnings to Pakistan, in this regard.

The New Indian Chief of Military Staff had said a few days ago, that the PoK is a part of India, and had indicated that the Indian military can take action, any time, to annexe it to India.

This has increased the pressure on Pakistan. But it has become mandatory for the Pakistan government and the military to show that they are making frantic efforts for Kashmir. The Pakistani railways’ minister has accused their government of taking a timid stand on the Kashmir issue. Analysts and media also are castigating the Pakistan government in this matter. This has put tremendous pressure on the Pakistan government and ISI, and they are trying to save face by creating a picture of challenging India, by carrying out a saboteur act in Kashmir. But expecting a vitriolic reaction from India, Pakistan Prime Minister is repeatedly making appeals to the United Nations and the UN Security Council and complaining that India is preparing for war.

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