India-Afghanistan lead harmful, alleges Pakistan

Islamabad : Pakistani Foreign Secretary, Aizaz Chaudhry has claimed that the India-Afghanistan lead would prove to be harmful not just for Pakistan but for this entire region. Pakistan is consistently expressing its concern about India’s growing influence over Afghanistan and the severity of its allegations has only increased after the  ‘Heart of Asia’ meeting concluded in Amritsar. These allegations made by Pakistan is being considered as groundwork for the upcoming meeting concerning Afghanistan to be held in Moscow between ‘Russia-China-Pakistan’.


The Foreign Secretary of Pakistan, Aizaz Chaudhry in an interview to a Pakistani news channel said that the lead and nexus between India & Afghanistan is a threat not just to Pakistan but to the entire region. Pakistan expects peace in Afghanistan. Mr. Chaudhry also clarified that Pakistan is repeatedly appealing to India & Afghanistan to stop their proceedings against Pakistan.

flagMeanwhile, there is a strong possibility of Pakistan presenting the issue of India‘s so-called interference in Afghanistan in the trilateral meeting between Russia-China -Pakistan to be organised in Moscow. In this conference concerning  Afghanistan, Pakistan is confident that its stance against India will receive support from China and backing from Russia. Since the last few weeks, Pakistani media and analysts have been talking about the relationship between Russia & Pakistan getting better. The strengthening of the ties between the US and India has presented Pakistan with an opportunity to establish collaborations with Russia. The Pakistani military analysts are demanding that Pakistan must take complete advantage of this situation. These analysts are saying that Russia had given indications of the changes in its stance by organising military exercises with Pakistan a few weeks back.

Nevertheless, Pakistan has claimed that Russia is eager to participate in the corridor project being developed by China in Pakistan, while Russia has rejected this claim. However, the Pakistani media has even reported of the chief officials of the Russian Intelligence Agency visiting the Pakistan’s Gwadar port. Therefore, a few analysts are saying that this may lead to a military alliance between Russia China & Pakistan and as a matter of fact such an alliance has already begun. What is attracting the attention of the analysts is that while countries like Iran and Turkey are eager to participate in this leading alliance, their opposition to the US may bring these countries together

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