Tension on Ladakh LAC has only brought disgrace to China: Lt Gen YK Joshi

Ladakh: – The Indian military officials have started talking more freely regarding the situation in the last nine months of the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Ladakh after China has initiated military withdrawal from the region. A situation had developed for a war between the two countries following the Chinese intrusion, but the patience of the Indian Army avoided the conflict. Lieutenant General YK Joshi, Chief of the Northern Command of the Indian Army, said that China did not attain anything other than disgrace, maintaining the LAC’s tension for nine months. Simultaneously, Lieutenant General Joshi also pointed out that the Russian media claimed that 45 Chinese soldiers were killed in the Galwan valley conflict.


Lieutenant General Joshi gave information regarding the tension at Ladakh in greater detail. The Indian Army acquired the Rezang La, Rechin La and other hills on 29th and 30th August. After that, China started attempts to take over these hills. But the disaster was avoided because of the restraint shown by the Indian Army. The soldiers using artillery guns and rocket launchers are trained to target anyone advancing in their direction in a threatening way. One does not need the courage to pull the trigger in this situation, but not pulling the trigger needs a lot of courage. Lieutenant General Joshi claimed that the Indian soldiers demonstrated this courage and therefore, the war could be avoided.

China could not achieve anything, maintaining tension on the LAC in Ladakh, for nine months. Instead, this country is faced with disgrace and China has lost a lot in view of this tension. Lieutenant General Joshi informed that especially, in the eighth and ninth round of negotiations, China thought about how it could withdraw without denting its pride. But even during these rounds India clearly warned China. China was bluntly told that the Indian Army will not withdraw unless the LAC situation is reverted to pre-April condition. Lieutenant General Joshi said that finally, China had to accept this.

Russian media informed that China lost 45 soldiers in the Galwan Valley conflict. Lieutenant General Joshi said that 60 Chinese soldiers had to be carried on stretchers and it is not known how many of them had a life-threatening injuries. Meanwhile, the Indian officials and leaders are frankly saying that China has withdrawn from the Pangong Tso lake region. A message that any future Chinese misadventure will face a stern action is being delivered with this. India was always careful not to create tension with China. But now, India seems to have adopted an aggressive policy regarding China.

In 2017, after China started construction work near the India-Bhutan border at Doklam, the Indian Army stopped the work. The Chinese Army was surprised with the aggression shown by the Indian Army. China attempted to give India a more intense reply with intrusion on the LAC in Ladakh to change its situation. But once again, China had to withdraw from there. But the military analysts are warning that although China has withdrawn from the region as of now, this country will pose a fresh stronger challenge for India with more preparation. The Indian defence forces are aware of this. Therefore, India has adopted a policy to deliver stern messages to China. Simultaneously, the Indian military officials are repeatedly pointing out that the Chinese Army suffered more casualties that the Indian Army during the Galwan Valley conflict.

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