Indian government monitors 2,500 social media accounts that participate in Chinese propaganda war

New Delhi: – The Indian government is watching 2,500 social media accounts, spreading misinformation regarding the India-China tension in Ladakh and carrying on propaganda for China. The Indian government has taken action even in the past, against such social media accounts spreading misinformation. Most of these accounts were handled from Pakistan.   


china-social-media The government is continuing with action against the social media accounts spreading misinformation and running the Chinese mala fide campaigns. Illusions are being created, spreading misinformation and fake videos. It has been noticed that these accounts are being handled from Pakistan, Hongkong, the United Kingdom, Russia and China. The maximum number of these accounts are being handled from Pakistan.   

Before this, the government had banned some of the social media accounts. But it has been observed that some of these accounts have been reactivated changing names and other information. The government has raised this issue with the companies running social media platforms.   

The government is in contact with these companies and preparations are on to block these accounts. Meanwhile, India has taken action against 224 Chinese apps running Chinese mala fide campaigns and due to their alleged involvement in espionage and data theft. Recently one report exposed the spying by the Chinese company ‘Zhenhua Data Information Technology’. 

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