India dismisses Chinese claim of military withdrawal from Ladakh

New Delhi: The Chinese foreign ministry claimed that most of its soldiers have been withdrawn from the Line of Actual Control, in Ladakh and the situation is normalising in this region. Chinese foreign ministry also said that their country was keen on discussing the other issues with India. But India has dismissed this Chinese claim in clear words.  


Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin while talking to the media, claimed that China had fulfilled what was agreed during the discussions. Wenbin said that China had withdrawn from Glawan, Hot Springs and Gogra. At the same time, he said that the situation is improving in that area and India also should think about the Chinese issues. Stating that India should cooperate to establish peace and stability in the border region, Wenbin claimed that China has fulfilled all the responsibilities. But China continues to dodge the issues regarding the Chinese military movements near Pangong Tso and Depsang while talking about the Line of Actual Control.  

India dismissed this claim made by the Chinese foreign ministry. The government sources informed that the statement made by Wenbin is not completely right. Therefore, the Chinese claims of withdrawal from the Line of Actual Control, do not seem to contain any truth. At the same time, India has already made it clear that without confirmation of the military withdrawal, no claims will be accepted. Reports are still being received that the Chinese soldiers are there in the Pangong Tso and Depsang regions. It is being claimed that China has made a major deployment near the border in Tibet, which is under Chinese control.   

Meanwhile, China intended to start a limited conflict in Galwan and force India to retreat. But the Indian soldiers completely busted the Chinese plan. China is facing a severe rebound due to the economic retaliation by India. Digital strike and the ban on Chinese investment and products is causing immense financial losses to China. 

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