Indian Army to enter Leh undetected by enemy as BRO completes construction of Nimu-Padam-Darcha road

New Delhi: – Indian government has expedited infrastructure development in the border regions, while the tension with China is increasing and the Border Roads Organisation (BRO) has completed the work of Nimu-Padam-Dar road. This road will be open, all 365 days of the year and is considered important for military movement, as it falls outside the firing range of the enemy. The military units travelling from Manali to Leh will save half the travel time, with this new road. Currently, it takes 12-14 hours to travel from Manali to Leh, but with this new road the travel time will be cut down to 6-7 hours. 


Manali-LehAgainst the background of rising tension with China, infrastructure development has been prioritised, along with equipping the soldiers with the ultramodern advanced defence equipment. BRO has built Srinagar-Kargil-Leh and Manali-Sarchu-Leh road links. But the enemy countries can keep a watch on these roads. But the road connecting Dar to Leh is strategically very important and the enemy will not be able to keep track of the Indian military movements. This will facilitate reaching the arms and supplies to the soldiers deployed on the border. 

This road will also make it easy to reach the Kargil area. It is being said that the road work was completed before schedule, in view of the tension on the border. The other two roads built by the BRO can remain open for seven months in the year. But Nimu-Padam-Dar road will be open for nearly all round the year. BRO engineers informed that the road has been opened for heavy vehicular traffic.  

There will be a saving of nearly 5 to 6 hours of travel time from Manali to Leh. Commander 16 BRTF MK Jain, the superintending Engineer, said that this 258 kilometres long road, being away from the border, can facilitated military movements without any threats. Sources informed that the work for restarting the alternative road, Himachal to Ladakh, will be started soon. Till date the road through Zojila pass was being used for movement of supplies and soldiers. But Pakistan had targeted this road during the Kargil war. Therefore, the construction of an alternative road had been speeded up. 

Currently, BRO is carrying out work on 3,000 kilometres of roads, near the border. These include 61 roads in the arduous terrain near the Chinese border. Recognising the importance of infrastructure, the government has increased the provision for BRO to ₹118 billion, to expedite these works. 

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