‘Bharat’ drones to be deployed on the Ladakh border

New Delhi: – Against the background of the tension with China, on the Ladakh border, India has decided to deploy indigenously developed ‘Bharat’ drones, to keep a thorough watch on the Line of Actual Control (LAC). The Bharat drones capable of operating at low temperatures and even during the night have been developed by the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO). As per reports, Bharat drones have been handed over to the Indian Army.   


Against the background of the tension with China, the Indian Army needed drones to keep a close watch on the LAC. In response to the requirement, the DRDO has supplied Bharat drones to the Indian Army.  Bharat drones are said to be the fasted and very light in weight.  

The Bharat drones have been developed in the Chandigarh lab, of the DRDO. These drones developed using Artificial Intelligence, although small, are said to be very powerful. The drones have been manufactured keeping in view, the cold weather in the Ladakh sector. The Bharat drones are capable of night surveillance.   

The Bharat drones have been manufactured using a specific technique. The Unibody Design and Advance Release Technology, make these drones very useful for surveillance. The capability of the Bharat drone of sending live videos during flight is useful in viewing the real-time situation at the site being surveyed.   

Confidence is being expressed that the Bharat drones will prove to be very useful for the Indian Army against the background of the intrusion attempts, by the Chinese military and the recent conflict in Ladakh. 

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