Large number of PLA soldiers falling ill due to freezing cold at Ladakh’s LAC

New Delhi: – Chinese President Xi Jinping has ordered the military to be prepared for war. Whereas, the Chinese government mouthpiece, Global Times, has threatened India, who supported Taiwan, of severing Sikkim from India. While China is issuing such threats and warnings, the Chinese soldiers deployed on the Line of Actual Control (LAC), in Ladakh are trembling with cold. This is the reason that a large number of Chinese soldiers deployed on the LAC are reporting sick. Now China has been forced to procure special tents and other essential materials, worth $3 billion, for its soldiers.  


Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-Wen expressed gratitude for the Indian response to the Taiwanese National Day. The Taiwanese President won Indian hearts by posting photographs of her India visit, on the social media. The publicity given by the Indian media to the Taiwanese National Day, seems to have badly stung China. Upset with this, the Chinese mouthpiece threatened to severe Sikkim from India. The Global Times editor said that China could collaborate with the separatists in this region for this purpose. In the meantime, Chinese President Xi Jinping has ordered the military to be ready for war. Some people believe that the motive behind this is to threaten India along with Taiwan.   

China has issued such threats to India, even in the past. China was specifically reminding India of the 1962 defeat, during the Doklam standoff. China even warned that if a war is sparked, China will dash up to New Delhi. But in reality, the Chinese soldiers were unable to push the Indian soldiers back even by an inch, in the Ladakh sector. Even now, China is issuing similar threats and warning of dire consequences. But the Chinese soldiers are unable even to leave aside fighting a war. The Chinese soldiers have started freezing in this cold and a large number of them reportedly have landed in hospitals. Videos showing this also have been published.   

China has all the necessary facilities to sustain the cold in Ladakh. The Chinese soldiers are supplied all the necessary items in plenty, along with hot food. The Global Times has expressed regret that the Indian soldiers do not have these privileges. The daily advised that therefore, India should withdraw its soldiers from the region. But now the Chinese soldiers are freezing in the Ladakh cold and have demanded additional materials worth $3 billion to sustain the cold. This has deflated the false propaganda of the Global Times. At the same time, it has become public that the Chinese military is unprofessional. There are many proofs that the Indian soldiers, used to serving at the highest point in Siachen, are in excellent condition. 

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