Taiwan launches decoy attack on China aircraft; US destroyers patrol near Taiwan as Russian destroyer arrives at China

Third World War

Taipei: Taiwan delivered a severe shock to the Chinese aircraft consistently intruding into its airspace. A Taiwanese aircraft launched a decoy attack on the People’s Liberation Army’s (PLA) aircraft hovering near the Taiwanese airspace. Additionally, a decoy attack is used in war exercises or to issue a warning. It is unclear as to when the attack took place, but with the move, Taiwan has issued a warning to China that their aggression would receive a tit-for-tat response.


Decoy-attackA Taiwanese newspaper reported the information, quoting the government sources from both the countries. No information was available, as to when the Chinese aircraft intruded into the Taiwanese airspace. However, sources informed that the Taiwanese aircraft used the Infrared Decoy Projectile. The Chinese aircraft retreated following the action. What’s more is that the projectile is used to dodge the missiles launched by the enemy aircraft. Therefore, it is not clear if the Taiwanese response was in retaliation to any move the Chinese aircraft may have made. Incidents of Taiwanese fighter jets chasing off Chinese planes have been reported even in the past. Nonetheless, this is the first instance of the decoy action.

China has been claiming Taiwan to be its sovereign territory. Ever since President Tsai Ing-wen assumed power in Taiwan, China has started intrusion in the Taiwanese airspace and marine region, to build pressure on its government. At the same time, Chinese activities threatening the Taiwanese security are on the rise. There have been instances of the Chinese aircraft carriers, destroyers and Coast Guard vessels, patrolling near the Taiwanese marine limits. Although to challenge the rising Chinese aggression, US warships carried out patrolling near the Taiwanese maritime limits.

Only two days ago, two US warships patrolled in the Taiwanese waters. The United States justified the sailing of the ships in the region citing the freedom of international navigation. Although China severely criticised the US move. Also, the Chinese Foreign Ministry warned that the action could have adverse effects on US-China relations.

While the US warships were sailing through the Taiwanese marine limits, two Russian destroyers arrived at the Dagang port in China. The Russian ships are said to have come to China for participating in joint war exercises in the East China Sea.

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