‘Spirit of America’ rallies in support of President Trump in US

Washington: The protests which were held before and after the US President Donald Trump’s oath taking ceremony, has drawn the attention of the entire world. The US citizens took to the streets to oppose some of the decisions taken by newly elected President Trump. However, the number of people supporting his decisions have also increased from the sections of press and social media at the same time. Also, thousands of people from over 60 states, recently participated in rallies across the US to display their firm support for their President.


The rallies organised by the US group ‘Main Street Patriots’, in support of President Trump are being called the ‘Spirit of America’. These rallies were organised as a strong response to the negative environment created by President Trump’s rivals, informed its organisers.

Debbie Dooley, a key organiser of the ‘Main Street Patriots’ said that the protests were not tea parties rallies and were not organised against anyone. She said that they had taken care so that there are no negative slogans or placards flashed during the rallies. She also said that these rallies are aimed at promoting positivity and enthusiasm. The founder of ‘Main Street Patriots’, Ralph King informed that the rally was organised for the republican leaders who have not as yet given their support to President Trump, to make them aware of the same.

Citizens in support of President Trump took to the streets and were seen rallying in the US capital of Washington along with California, Minnesota, Tennessee, South Carolina, Colorado and around 60 cities from the state of Hawaii. President Trump briefly met with his supports from a rally in Florida, informed sources.

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