US official sacked from the US Space Command for criticising controversial policies

Washington: – Lieutenant Colonel Matthew Lohmeier, who criticised that the training imparted in the US defence forces is a part of the controversial Critical Race Theory and Marxism, has been sacked from the Space Force. Last week, Lieutenant Colonel Lohmeier participated in a book publication event. The Space Force stated that Lieutenant Colonel Lohmeier was sacked as his statements at the function breached the leaderships capabilities and trust. Lieutenant Colonel Matthew Lohmeier was the chief of 11 Space Warning Squadron on the Buckley Airforce Base.   


A book titled ‘Irresistible Revolution: Marxism Goal of Conquest and the Unmaking of the American Military’, written by Lieutenant Colonel Lohmeier, was published recently. The book presents the effects of the Neo-Marxist agenda, Black Lives Movement, anti-racism, postmodernism and political correctness on the US national security. It is said that Lieutenant Colonel Lohmeier had taken permission from the defence department before publishing the book.   

Lieutenant Colonel Lohmeier participated in a podcast, Information Operation, to speak about the book. At this time, he presented his stand while answering questions asked by the compere, Tod Wood. Lieutenant Colonel Lohmeier claimed, ‘Diversity, universality, equality and the training imparted to us in the military are based on controversial race-related theories. This theory is a part of Marxism.’ At this time, he also criticised the agenda of US Secretary of Defence Lloyd Austin.  

After the Capitol Hill violence, Secretary of Defence Lloyd Austin held a meeting and criticised the rightist ideology in the military. Saying that everyone in the United States has a right to get an atmosphere free from racism, hatred and harassment, he had ordered the US defence forces to ‘Stand Down’. The booklet published at this time mentioned the Capitol Hill violence. But Lohmeier pointed at the contradiction that there was no mention of the violence during the Black Lives Matter agitation.   

Lohmeier clarified his stand in clear words, ‘I don’t want to say that Secretary of State Austin is a bad man. But the agenda being implemented under the pretext of diversity and universality is more likely to create a divide in the security forces instead of unifying them. Secretary of Defence Austin and everyone connected to the defence forces must remember this.’ The book written by Lieutenant Colonel Matthew Lohmeier and his statements has brought the issue of the hypocritical leftist ideology being preached by the Biden administration once again on the anvil.  

The opposition leaders in the United States had started criticising Biden’s extreme liberalisation and socialistic ideology since he was selected as the presidential candidate. A few days ago, the letter, written and signed by 124 former officials from US defence forces, mentions that the people sponsoring the constitutional independence are fighting against Communism and Marxism. 

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