NATO begins war drills in Norway, Scotland in the backdrop of Russia’s military maneuvres

Oslo/ London: NATO has taken an assertive stance against Russia, which amassed its troops in large numbers at the Ukrainian border and made aggressive moves. Two weeks ago, NATO member-nations had performed the ‘Defender Europe 21’ war exercise. Following that, now the ‘Formidable Shield’ war exercise has started in Norway and Scotland. Moreover, the ten-member nations’ navies and air force are participating in the war exercise, which will continue until 3 June, informed NATO.    


Last month, Russia had deployed a large number of its troops in the areas adjoining the Ukraine border. Russia is claimed to have deployed 100,000 soldiers at the border. The Russian deployment included advanced missiles, air defence systems and a considerable number of tanks. Thus, it was an indication of Russia preparing for a massive conflict against Ukraine.    

Against the background of Russian movements, NATO has organised massive war exercises in Europe. It has also indicated conducting a war exercise with Ukraine. On Saturday, these exercises started in Andoya, Norway and Hebrides range in Scotland. Moreover, NATO has informed that the exercise Formidable Shield is part of the air and missile defence exercise. Furthermore, 15 warships and several fighter jets of the 10-member-nations have participated in this exercise.   

With over 3000 soldiers, the participation of the sixth fleet of the United States and the UK Navy in the exercise is considered significant. Apart from these two nations, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Norway, Denmark, Belgium and the Netherlands are also involved. Also, three leading destroyer ships of the British Royal Navy have joined this exercise. Moreover, a missile defence system will also be tested as part of the drills, informed the British sources. 

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