Major jolt to the Chinese ‘One China Policy’, increasing support for inclusion of Taiwan in WHO

Paris/Washington: The United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, European Union, Australia, New Zealand and the Latin American countries supported the inclusion of Taiwan in the World Health Organisation (WHO), during the general body meeting of the organisation. Whereas, France has announced military aid to Taiwan, disregarding the Chinese opposition. This support by the United States and other countries for Taiwan comes as a major jolt for the Chinese ‘One China Policy’. The Chinese stand is that Taiwan is Chinese territory and not an independent country and this is an integral part of the One China Policy. The jolt delivered to this indicates the declining Chinese influence.


World Health Assembly, of the WHO is scheduled to be held on next Monday and Tuesday. Representatives from all the countries and the organisations will be participating in this conference, to be held in Brussels, against the background of Coronavirus. The demand for inclusion of Taiwan in this year’s meeting is rapidly gaining ground. As per the United States, Taiwanese role in the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic is vital. Along with the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, members of the European Union also have demanded inclusion of Taiwan in the meeting this year. Whereas, the Latin American Formosa club, of 10 Latin American countries, established last December, has sent a written recommendation to the WHO, in this respect.

But, WHO, accused of favouring China, has not acceded to the demand for inclusion of Taiwan. WHO has forwarded the reason that Taiwan cannot be included without the approval of the major member countries. But Taiwan has criticised the WHO of being partial. China has objected to Taiwanese participation. China has put a condition that if Taiwan accepts that it is a part of China, it can be enrolled, in the WHO, as a part of China. But Taiwan has dismissed the Chinese condition. Taiwan has lashed out at China saying that Taiwan was never a part of China and therefore, there is no point in accepting demands without any basis.

Along with the political front being formed against China, a military front also is taking shape. France indicated providing military assistance to Taiwan. China objected to the French support to modernise the missile systems on Taiwanese warships. China had warned that the Sino-French relations will be in jeopardy, given this military cooperation. But France has disregarded the Chinese threat and has retorted that China should focus on controlling the Coronavirus.

China has attempted to increase the pressure on Taiwan by sending its warships to the Taiwanese Gulf and intruding the Taiwanese airspace with fighter jets. The United States has taken serious cognisance of these developments and has increased patrolling in the region with its warships. The United States is delivering a message that China cannot threaten Taiwan, based on its military might. Now, even France has initiated military cooperation with Taiwan, indicating that the military front, against China, is becoming stronger.

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