Rodent Plague plays havoc in Australia, fears of a fresh epidemic following massive agricultural losses

Canberra: – Australia, which has been facing dangerous natural calamities like famine, forest fires and floods, is facing one more crisis. Rodent Plague is playing havoc in five states of Australia, along with the most populous state New South Wales. Millions of rats have created a bug nuisance in these five states, and massive losses of agriculture have been reported. The incidence of Leptospirosis is also seen to be rising in these states, and the fear of an epidemic of the disease starting is being expressed.   


Maximum agriculture and related businesses in Australia are concentrated in New South Wales. At the same time, Sydney, the most populous city in the country, also is in New South Wales. This state has an important place in the country’s economy. Suddenly, from February, a huge number of rats were found all around the state. The farmers have posted photographs and videos showing herds of rats in farms to warehouses. It is claimed that there was a ‘rain of rats’ in some areas.   

Rats are causing huge damages to the agricultural produce, and the farmers claim that the next season is also under threat. All the measures taken by the farmers and the local agencies have failed to control the rat menace. The number of rats in the state has reached millions, and now they have started invading places like hospitals and schools. The rats have gone to the extent of biting the patients, and the local agencies have been rendered helpless.   

Twenty-three cases of Leptospirosis also have been reported from New South Wales over the last few weeks. Experts have warned that if the Rodent Plague is not controlled in time, an epidemic could start. The New South Wales administration has announced an aid of 40 million dollars for the farmers. But the Rodent Plague has already entered the states of Queensland, Victoria and South Australia, following New South Wales, and claims are being made that this crisis will deepen further.   

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