Russian President agrees on economic cooperation during Japan visit but disputed Islands treaty uncertain

Tokyo:  In his historic visit to Japan, the Russian president Vladimir Putin has agreed for a Russia-Japan economic cooperation. However, the peace treaty issue over the disputed Kuril Islands appears to not have been resolved according to the information received from the official sources of both countries. Therefore, analysts claim that Putin’s visit yielded only partial success.

Japan-RussiaRussian President Putin has begun his crucial Japan tour from December 15th. There were prolonged talks between President Putin and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in the City of Yamaguchi. However, both leaders have clearly taken up economic cooperation on priority during these talks. President Putin has expressed that some projects may be taken up via bilateral economic cooperation on the disputed islands which is the cause of tensions between Russia and Japan.

President Putin assured that it would help to find a resolve to the problematic issues being faced over the peace treaty If appropriate steps are taken in accordance to the Japanese Prime Minister Abe’s proposal. He said that Mr. Abe has proposed a plan to implement economic cooperation projects on the disputed Islands and these projects can be implemented through this treaty between the two nations. He also mentioned that in the near future, the Kuril islands could prove to be an important factor in bringing the two nations together instead of being a cause for conflict between them.

The Japanese Prime Minister Abe has also affirmed the Russian President’s speech and said that they have given their consent to Russia‘s President’s plan to implement projects by constructing an economic sector on the disputed Islands. During the Russian President’s visit, nearly 80 agreements have been signed between the two countries according to the released information. The information provided by Japanese sources says that Japan has expressed willingness to invest approximately 2.5 billion dollars in Russia.

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