Tension because of Joint patrolling by Russia and China near the South Korean and Japanese borders

Third World WarWashington: The first joint exercises by the Russian and Chinese bombers, in the Sea of Japan, have started. China said that these exercises are the beginning of the new cooperation developing between the two countries. Russian and Chinese bombers entered into the South Korean airspace, during the exercises. Severe concerns have been expressed by Japan along with South Korea, over the war exercises being held in this region. Analysts have claimed that these violations during the joint exercises, are a threat to the United States, having military bases in Japan and South Korea.


The joint exercises between Russian and Chinese air forces started on Tuesday. Bombers and long-range surveillance aircraft are participating in the exercises. The Russian defence ministry said that these exercises have been organised to underline the military cooperation between Russia and China. Russia had announced that surveillance of the Asia-Pacific region would be carried out during the exercises. Whereas, China had expressed confidence that these exercises will strengthen the military ties between Russia and China.

Tension because of Joint patrolling by Russia and China near the South Korean and Japanese bordersThese exercises were supposed to be held in the international airspace. But since the last two days, the Russian and Chinese aircraft are seen exercising close to the South Korean and Japanese borders. On Tuesday, Chinese followed by the Russian bombers intruded into the South Korean airspace. Whereas, Japan too, had accused that these airplanes flew dangerously close to the Japanese airspace.

To drive the Russian aircraft away, South Korea fired 300 warning shots and 20 flares. At the same time, the South Korean defence ministry warned that if this intrusion was repeated, it would have severe consequences. Thereafter, South Korea and Japan deployed fighter jets for the security of their respective airspaces.

This has resulted in tension in the region. The airplanes from Japan, South Korea, Russia and China are hovering in the Sea of Japan region. The Russian and Chinese exercises will end in the next few hours, but South Korea and Japan are not willing to withdraw their fighter jets from the region till that time. Analysts from the southeast Asian region have expressed concerns over the situation in the region.

Military bases of the United States in South Korea and Japan are located close to the site of the Russia-China joint exercises. US warships, stealth fighter jets, bombers and missile and air defence systems are deployed at these bases. Therefore, the analysts have claimed that the Russia-China war exercises are a challenge to the domination of the United States in East Asia.

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