Amidst escalating tensions in North Korea, China makes an appeal to Russia

Beijing: China has warned that a war may spark in the Korean Peninsula if the tensions between the US and North Korea continue to escalate. China has sought Russia’s help in order to avert such a conflict and also to deescalate the tensions between the US and North Korea. The recent US attacks on Syria has caused a standoff between Russia and the US.


putin-jinpinAmidst escalating tensions in the Korean Peninsula, the Chinese Foreign Minister, ‘Wang Yi’ reached out to his Russian counterpart ‘Sergey Lavrov’ over a phone call. The Chinese Foreign Minister clarified about China‘s ongoing efforts to resolve the problem of North Korea in this discussion. Even so, in his dialogue with the Russian foreign minister, the Chinese Foreign Minister said that it expected cooperation from Russia and has sought Russia’s help to encourage the countries from the Korean peninsula to resume dialogue.

Kremlin spokesperson ‘Dmitry Peskov’ has confirmed that the Russian President Vladimir Putin made an appeal to all the countries in this region, to not allow the situation to get out of hand and spark a conflict. However, Peskov did not confirm if Russia had accepted China’s proposal to mediate the issue.  

While China has made an appeal to Russia to help reduce the tensions between the US and North Korea, it is claimed that the Russia army has already been deployed near the North Korean borders. The Russian soldiers have been stationed as close as 15 kilometres from the Chinese and North Korean borders, according to the social media posts by locals.

Since the past few days, the Chinese Government’s mouthpiece, the ‘Global Times‘ has been extremely critical about the US military moves and the US President Donald Trump. It has accused the US President of posing a security threat to the Korean Peninsula. The ‘Global Times’ has also cited that Donald Trump would be referred to as a ‘war monger president’ in the world history.


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