Russian industrial sector should get war-equipped President Vladimir Putin makes an appeal

Moscow: The industrial sectors in Russia should be prepared to fulfil the specific demands during war times, appeals the Russian President Vladimir Putin. In an International Convention held in Sochi, the President instructed about this in the light of the crisis in the gulf and the Korean territory. In the last week, a senior official of NATO expressed possibility of a Russian-Chinese war in opposition with the United States.


Russia, NATO, Vladimir Putin, ChinaIn consideration with the defence sector, the President necessitated goods production in Russian Army as a decisive and an important step. Also, all industries other than those associated with sensitive and strategic sectors too need to keep themselves well equipped to fulfill the needs during the war. Thus saying so, President Putin has made a national appeal to the industrial sectors and all enterprises in Russia to keep abreast with the production and distribution of necessities during the warring times.

Before urging the Russian Industrialists for this war-preparedness, President Putin has firmly expressed that Russian Industries should not only equate but also attempt to surpass the defence technology of the western countries. He has reinstated that Russian Armed Forces should have the world’s best technology and they should excel in comparison to the foreign technologies with respect to standard and quality. If Russia needs to supersede other countries, it should strive to be the best, said President Putin. He further insisted that the Russian Industry should contribute towards the production of the most high tech defence materials and technology.

On the background of the crisis during the last few months between the Gulf countries and the Asia Pacific, predictions have been made by Diplomats and Analysts across the world about the possibility of a war. Some have also expressed the possibility of strife in Korean region while some feel the prevailing tension between Saudi Arabia and Iran would culminate into a war. A senior official of NATO has warned recently of a war of Russia-China against America.

Last week, the senior NATO official General Dennis Mersiar, alerted in the Atlantic Council Conference of the rise of a new global crisis. On the international arena, the military prowess is shifting onus from the western frontier towards the Russian-Chinese alliance, said General Mersiar. Both Russia and China have raised alarm against the US domination and have challenged its global leadership and are attempting to expand their military strengths and establish their economic supremacy. This is inevitably the potential threat of a severe armed conflict between the two countries, warned the senior NATO officials.

Both Russia and China have made immense investments on their defence warfare in the past few years and have extensively added to modernisation of their armed forces. In the light of this scenario, the Russian President’s appeal to the Russian Industrial sector holds special weightage. This also anticipates an intense reaction from America.

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