Russia and Turkey complete the ‘S-400’ deal

St. Petersburg : The important deal about providing Turkey with ‘Russian Advanced Air Defense System ‘S-400′ has concluded. ‘Due to this missile defense system, Turkey’s air defense system will further strengthen’ informed Vladimir Kozin, advisor to the Russian President. The financials are currently being discussed for the purchase of the said missile system and soon the deal will be finalized, affirmed the Russian official. As the differences between NATO and Russia reach an extreme, a NATO member Turkey purchasing ‘S-400’ from Russia can warrant strong reaction from NATO. On the occasion of the 8th international ‘Maritime Defense Show’ in St. Petersburg, Russia, the advisor of Military and technology cooperation, Koz in gave this information to the media on this Thursday. Turkey has expressed a desire to buy the ‘Triumph’ edition of the advanced anti-missile system which is a part of the Russian defense forces. At the start of this month the Russian President Vladimir Putin had announced to give ‘S-400’ to Turkey. Turkey can even borrow a loan from Russia to purchase this system, clarified the President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.


Russia has currently deployed this long-Range missile system in the conflict in Syria. This system is capable of carrying both ballistic and cruise missiles and can destroy 300 targets simultaneously. This system can attack and destroy fighter planes, ballistic missiles and also targets on the ground. Apart from Syria, Russia has deployed this system to its western borders in Kaliningrad. NATO member countries accuse that this deployment has developed a threat to their security.

Since the last few years talks were going on between Russia and Turkey over ‘S-400’ collaboration. But after Turkey shot down a Russian plane, these talks were disrupted. However, last year when the President of Turkey had publicly apologized about the attack on the Russian plane, Russia resumed all the cooperation as before. After this, discussions for ‘S-400’ had recommenced.

Meanwhile, as the differences between Russia and NATO have reached an extreme, both the parties have made large military investment near the boundaries of east European nations. With such a background, since Turkey is a NATO member, questions were raised if Russia would be willing to give this technology o Turkey. However, the Russian President had clarified that although Turkey is a NATO member, the said cooperation between Russia and Turkey is still possible since Turkey is an old trusted ally.

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