15 killed in Russian airstrikes in Syria: Turkey-backed fuel smugglers and IS terrorists targeted  

fuel smugglers

Damascus: – 15 people were killed in the airstrikes by Russian destroyers and fighter jets in northern Syria. These include 11 IS terrorists and four Turkey linked fuel smugglers. By attacking the fuel smugglers, Russia has warned that fuel theft from Syria will not be tolerated. Meanwhile, it is revealed that Russia is building a new military base in Syria for action against the IS terrorists.   

Since the past few weeks, Russia has intensified the action against terrorists in Syria. Russia is accusing that the terrorist organisations IS and Al Qaeda and other Turkey linked organisations have once again become active after a ceasefire for around a year. The Russian military published information that the ceasefire is being violated daily in Hama, Homs, Latakia and Aleppo provinces. Russia said that action was being taken against these terrorist groups for the security of the Syrian people and the sovereignty of the country.   

fuel smugglers

On Friday, a Russian destroyer deployed near the Syrian coastline launched fierce airstrikes in the Al-Bab and Jarablus in northern Syria. The human rights organisations are claiming that the Russian destroyer used ballistic missiles for the attacks. Russia targeted two oil projects, one at Tahrir in Al-Bab and the other at Al-Hamran in Jarablus. The attacks were launched while the Turkey affiliated groups were trying to smuggle oil from the oil projects. Four people were killed and more than 24 were injured in this attack.   

Before this, Turkey had gained control over the Oil projects under Operation Euphrates Shield. Thereafter, the Turkish linked groups were smuggling the oil to the international market. Turkey had shot down the Russian airplane patrolling the area, to stop oil smuggling from Syria. Thereafter, tremendous tension had been created between Russia and Turkey. In this scenario, Russia seems to have challenged Turkey by launching airstrikes against the fuel smugglers.   

fuel smugglers

Moreover, Russian fighter jets launched attacks on IS bases. As per the information revealed by the human rights organisation in Syria, the action started on Friday in the Hama, Aleppo-Al Rakka and Homs, continued till Sunday. The Russian fighter jets carried out attacks on 60 locations. 11 IS terrorists were definitely killed in the attacks.   

Meanwhile, as per the Syrian news agency’s information, Russia has started building a new military base in Syria. This base is being built in the Homs province and an airstrip for fighter jets also will be a part of the military base.   


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