Russia, Turkey, Germany and France appeal for a long-term ceasefire in Syria

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Istanbul: The joint declaration issued by Russia, Turkey, Germany and France said ‘If peace has to prevail in Syria, then a long-term ceasefire has to be imposed on the various groups in Syria. It is necessary that all the political groups in Syria come to the negotiations table and work out a peaceful solution.’ A special meeting of the heads of state of Russia, Turkey, Germany and France was arranged in Turkey to discuss the Syria issue. The United States was not included in the meeting.


ceasefire-SyriaWhile the tension with the United States and Israel is rising because of the Syrian conflict, Russia has initiated efforts to garner support from the European countries. Russia arranged this meeting with Germany and France with mediation from Turkey. Russian President Vladimir Putin presented the stand of the Assad Government in Syria during the meeting, which was held on Saturday at Istanbul, in Turkey. Putin also said that Turkish President Recep Erdogan is making efforts to establish peace in Syria.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emanuel Macron presented the stance of the western countries. French President Macron retorted that Russia and Turkey would hopefully follow the guidelines prescribed by the United Nations for the establishment of a government in Syria. The United Nations had suggested that fair elections should be conducted involving all the political groups to install an elected government and ceasefire should be imposed in the border areas.

Iran and Russia had demanded that Assad should have the prime position in the next Syrian government. But since the past few days, Russia and Syria are carrying out attacks on Idlib and the border region to gain control, and the French President pointed out during the meeting that this was a violation of the United Nations’ suggestion by Russia and Syria.

Although the four countries have come to the table to address the Syrian issue jointly, there does not seem to be a consensus. The United States’ stand on Syria is entirely different, and the United States says that unless the Assad regime is overthrown there cannot be peace in Syria.

US President Trump, who had taken a soft stand about Assad during the initial stages of his tenure, is now steadfast on the removal of Assad. Therefore, even if Russia, Turkey, Germany and France have expressed big expectations about a ceasefire in Syria, the stand of the United States becomes very important in the matter. Also, Israel who is vehemently opposed to the Assad regime and the Iranian domination in Syria, has a stance similar to the United States and now with this there seems to be a realignment of the nations involved in the Syria conflict.

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