Russian airstrikes in Syria kills 3 Turkish soldiers ‘accidentally’

Moscow/Ankara: In the air strikes carried out by the Russian warplanes in Syria’s ‘Al–Bab’, three Turkish soldiers were killed and 11 soldiers were wounded. Nevertheless, Russia expressed regret over the incident by saying that the Russian warplanes had accidentally launched attacks on places where the Turkish soldiers had been located. Turkey has also corroborated over this accident  and has said to have taken place during Russia’s ‘friendly fires’ incident. The Russian President, Vladimir Putin discussed on the aforementioned attack with the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan over the phone.


Russian Airstrikes in Syria kills 3 Turkish soldiers 'accidentally'

After forcing the ‘IS’ terrorists to reallocate from Aleppo, Syria and Russia will now be focusing on the terrorist headquarters in ‘Raqqa’ city. It is considered to be crucial to gain control over ‘Al–Bab’ before launching an attack on ‘Raqqa’. Under these circumstances, the Russian, Syrian and Turkish armies have been launching attacks on the terrorists in ‘Al–Bab’ since the past few days. On Thursday, the Russian Government has also stated to have obtained reliable information on the presence of ‘IS‘ terrorists at this location. Kremlin’s spokesperson ‘Dmitry Peskov’ has stated that the Turkish Army itself has provided this information. Based on this information, an attack was launched on a building in that area. The Turkish Soldiers were under hiding in this Building. After the airstrikes were conducted by the Russian Warplanes, wounded soldiers were immediately moved to the hospital. Both the countries have declared to enhance military contact and coordination after this incident. About a year and a half ago, Turkey shot down a Russian Warplane during the Syrian conflict. A Russian pilot was killed due to this attack. After the aforementioned incident, relations between Russia and Turkey were under extreme stress. However, after nine months of disagreements, by expressing his regret over the incident, Turkish President Erdogan has initiated efforts to reinstate its level of cooperation with Russia.

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