With help from Iran and Russia, Turkey will gain control over Syria after US military withdrawal

Third World WarAnkara: Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said that Turkey would gain control over Syria with help from its allies, Iran and Russia, after the US military withdrawal. Nevertheless, Cavusoglu also asserted that Turkey was not going to wait for the US military withdrawal for action against the terrorists in the Euphrates River Valley.


us military withdrawal, iran, russia, syriaThe US conditions for its withdrawal have intensified the differences between the United States and Turkey once again. Turkey has criticised the US decision to protect the Kurdish rebels while President Erdogan has already announced that the condition is not acceptable to Ankara. At the same time, the Turkish President also criticised the United States saying Washington had not handled the terrorist situation in Syria properly and Ankara could control the case in the region once the US military was withdrawn.

Therefore, Turkey was waiting for the US military withdraw from Syria, Cavusoglu said. Turkey would lead the counter-terrorism action in Syria with the of Iran and Russia. He claimed that Turkey had prepared the plan to ensure the terrorists did not make a comeback and that Russia had concurred with Turkey on the idea. At the same time, the Turkish Foreign Minister also said that Iran would be assisting Turkey in action as well.

Nevertheless, the action in the Euphrates River Valley would be independent, and Turkey would not wait for the US military withdrawal to proceed, said Cavusoglu while indicating intensifying the operation against the Kurds. Turkey has assembled a vast contingent of its military near the Syrian border to attack the Kurdish bases, located on the Eastern side of the Euphrates River. Turkey is believed to initiate attacks on the Kurdish bases at any time.

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