Russian Ambassador to Turkey, Andrey Karlov shot dead

Ankara : Mevlut Mert Altintas, a police officer serving in Turkey’s police force, created quite a stir worldwide, by killing the Russian ambassador to Turkey, Andrei Karlov. Karlov was delivering a speech at an exhibition held in an art gallery in the Turkish capital Ankara, when he was killed by bullets pumped on him by Altintas, who was standing behind Karlov. Altintas was heard shouting that he had performed the killing to avenge the military operations undertaken by Russia in Aleppo in Syria. Altintas was killed in firing, carried out by the soldiers of the Turkish security agencies. A firing on the US embassy in Ankara, hours after the killing of the Russian envoy, was also reported.


russia-embassador-turkey-assasin-3Altintas pumped bullets on Karlov, while shouting “We are dying in Aleoppo, you die here.” A member of the Turkish Police Force, Altintas was standing just behind Karlov. He was able to breach the security at the art gallery, by using his identity card. But the Turkish agencies informed that he was not on duty at that time. The incident has created quite a sensation not only in Turkey, but in the whole world. Turkey has expressed deep grief over the killing of the Russian ambassador. The major countries in the world have condemned the killing. 

Stating that it was an attack on Turkey, the Turkish President alleged that the killing was executed to disturb the relations between Russia and Turkey. After the killing, the security in Turkey has been tightened. An another incident of firing over the US embassy in the Capital city Ankara, has also come to the fore and the attacker Shahin S. has been arrested.

The US Foreign Ministry had issued a warning few days back that the US installations in Turkey may be subjected to attack. The US had warned that terrorists may target Turkey, to avenge the anti-terrorist operations initiated by Turkey in Syria. After that several bomb blasts took place in the cities of Ankara, Istambul in Turkey. The ‘IS’ and the Kurdish rebel organizations had accepted the responsibility of these blasts..

The Syrian army is launching offensive in the Syrian city Aleppo, with the backing of the Russian Airstrikes. It was reported in the media that the Syrian army has successfully driven away ‘IS‘ terrorists as well as the Syrian rebels from here. Although, Altintas cited the Russian offensive as the reason for killing Ambassador Karlov, terming it as ‘the revenge to this Russian offensive’, it is not yet clear as to which terrorist outfit did he belong to. However, the Turkish officials have started alleging that ‘Fethullah Gulen’ accused for the military rebellion in Turkey some months back, has carried out this killing. The Turkish officials are also stating that Altintas was connected to Gulen.

Similarly, the Mayor of Ankara ‘Melih Gokcek’ has also expressed suspicion that Gulen is behind this act.

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