Russia launches air attacks on Syrian rebels following the chemical attacks in Aleppo

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Damascus: Russian fighter jets launched air attacks on the locations of the Syrian rebels responsible for the chemical attacks in Aleppo. It has not been clarified as to which areas were covered in the attacks. But while the Russian fighter jets were carrying out these air attacks, the Russian defence ministry expressed a suspicion that the voluntary organisation White Helmet was responsible for the Aleppo chemical attacks.


The Russian fighter jets stationed on the Khemim airbase in Syria carried out the attacks on the Syrian rebels. Major General Igor Konashenkov, the spokesman of the Russian military, gave information about the attacks. The Russian military announced that the locations of the Syrian rebels responsible for the Aleppo chemical attacks were completely destroyed in the attacks by the Russian fighter jets. The Russian attacks are claimed to violate the ceasefire in Syria, as agreed between Turkey and Russia.

The number of rebels killed in the Russian attacks was not known. More than 100 civilians had been injured in the chemical attacks in Aleppo. The Syrian government had alleged that the attacks were carried out by the rebels opposing the Assad government in Syria. But the name of the chemical or gas used in this chemical attack has not been revealed so far. However, the Syrian rebels have denied any connection with the chemical attacks.

The Syrian government has accused the rebel organisation supported by the United States and its allies of being responsible for these chemical attacks. The Russian defence ministry has come up with a different reaction regarding the attacks. The Russian defence ministry has claimed that White Helmet, a voluntary organisation working for humanitarian aid in conflict-torn Syria, was responsible for the attacks. The Russian defence ministry said that the organisation used Chlorine gas during the attack.

Meanwhile, the United States has not reacted on the chemical attacks. Pointing this out, Iran has criticised the United States. Iran blamed the United States for its silence on the chemical attacks in Syria. As of now, the US military is on a mission to fight the IS terrorists in eastern Syria and IS has claimed to have killed 47 US supporters.

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